Monday, May 7, 2012

Communication with the Government as Head of Ismaili Delegation

The gist of communication with the Minister and his team consisting of Chief Secy, Deputy Chief Executive, Police Head, all secretaries and deputy commissioner, is as follows:
' Honarable Minister had the occasion to meet our Imam on a number of occasions and is aware of his thoughts on the matters affecting Ummah throughout the world and particularly in Pakistan. As Mualim-e-Quran we Ismailis believe that the Imam-eWaqt teaches us the spirit of the Quranic teaching of "La Tufsidu" and "La Ikraha Fid deen". as such we neither believe in Fasad nor in imposing our will on others in the matters of faith We do not oppose any Tariqa and believe in tolerance. As such you see disciplined attitude within the violent people of the past and desire to cooperate and follow legal procedures. Like other Tariqas we do not have a clergy to represent Ismailis as such I would not call this delegation akin to the other delegations that you have met today. The presence of elected representatives is because they represent the feelings of populations in their respective jurisdictions. We believe in following a totally merit based approach. Over the past few decades we have noticed an imbalance in the society in dispensation of government jobs and resources based on sectarian feelings by the government functionaries in Northern Areas which has created frustrations amongst the youth in the area as such we hope that the present 'restoration phase' will be followed by a 'reformation phase. We will contribute in both phases. With particular reference to Hunza its economy and peace has been affected through interference from non locals. The trade with China is dominated by violent smugglers creating a sense of deprivation and frustration. This needs to be corrected. You are aware of the long term measure that has been initiated by me which in due course will hopefully result in reduction of acrimony within North'.
The minister reciprocated his appreciation of the attitude of Ismaili populations and indicated his intention to form a commission to investigate all aspects during which the specific suggestions would be included.