Thursday, March 4, 2010

IIS Reading Lists

The reading lists that follow are intended as a preliminary suggestion of books in English for self-motivated students without an academic training or knowledge of languages of the Muslim world, but with some elementary acquaintance with Islam and a serious interest in building on it further. The lists are not representative of the entire scope of literature available on the subjects, but will be updated soon, and then at regular intervals, to make them more comprehensive.

By its very nature, the works referred to in the reading lists differ in their approaches, sometimes evincing contrasting perspectives and conclusions on the same topics. They do not imply endorsement by the faculty or others at the IIS of their contents, but are being presented rather as a basis for discerning and critical self-study by the reader. Similarly, they do not represent a formal or systematic programme of instruction in Islamic Studies as such.


Download PDF of complete Reading List (270 Kb) 

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