Friday, April 16, 2010

Questions of meaning

The story of Prophet Adam has held deep meanings for many people through the ages. It has the power to touch us deep inside our minds and hearts because it deals with some of the most difficult questions that all human beings ask.
About ourselves
Some of these questions we ask are 'Who am I?' 'Why have I been created? These are questions to do with our origins and our place in the universe. They are to do with the mystery of who we are as human beings.
About Evil and suffering
Other questions that often puzzle us are, 'Why is there evil and suffering in our world?' or 'Why is the world as it is, and not a perfect place? These questions are based on our relationship with the people around us and the world in which we live.
About what is good

We also ask questions, 'How should we lead our lives? What does it mean to live as good human beings?' When we ask these questions, we are concerned about knowing our purpose on earth. We should like to know more about fulfilling our true potential as human beings.

Myths as stories with deep meanings
Human beings in every age and place have asked themselves questions on the meaning and purpose of life. In every age, they have tried to find answers that will guide them in their lives.
Every religion provides explanations to questions about our lives and purpose on earth. Religions often present these answers in the form of stories or myths.

Myths are stories in which we can find deep meanings and truths. When we study them closely we can find insights about ourselves as human beings and our relation with the universe. Myths are stories that continue to be told because they have the power to speak to people in every age.
Creation stories

Creation stories are special types of, myths that describe how the world began. The story of Prophet Adam is an example of a creation story.
The language of the Quran

By understanding the story of Prophet Adam in the Quran, we begin to understand the language of the Quran. It is a language that deals with our deepest questions and concerns. It is a rich language of stories, myths and parables that contains many levels of meanings.

I will inshallah, place the contents of TALIMAT series developed by IIS on this blog in small bits, which will help the readers to get an insight to the contemporary philosophy and basis of belief that many of us in Hunza and other parts of Gilgit and Baltistan have towards a satisfactory Answer to the type of questions that you have read in the foregoing passages, so help me GOD.
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