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Thursday, June 7, 2012

World Enough and Time -The Memoirs of Sir Sultan Mohammed Shah Aga Khan III

In 1885, the eight-year-old Sir Sultan Mohammed Shah Aga Khan Ill takes on the mantle of Imam of the Ismaili community. Thus begins an extraordinary journey that will see this exceptional man becoming one of the leading players on the world stage during the crucial years of Muslim awakening. 

Originally published in 1954, The Memoirs of Sir Sultan Mohammed Shah Aga Khan Ill are an absolute pleasure to read. They chart the lifetime journey of a man of extraordinary wealth, charm and intellect. 

The extraordinary life of an extraordinary individual in extraordinary times

Vol. I

1. Childhood and Youth
2. My First European Tour
3. Early visits to the Middle East
4. Nine Crowded Years (1900 -1909)
5. London, Dehli and St. Petersburg
6. The first World War
7. Post War Problems in India, Turkey and East Africa

Vol. II

8. The Islamic Concept and my Role as Imam
9. My Career on the Turf
10. Towards Dominion Status
11. My Work for the League of Nations
12. The War Years & the Partition of India
13. Friends: Old and New
14. My Recent Travels
15. Looking Back and Forward

From his early, middle and later years, his fore father and parents, his family, his peers and horses …... 58 rarely seen photographs, including 10 never published of his visit to Karachi in 1930. 

Accompanying this two volume box set - a set of three posters, including two the Aga Khan with members of the community taken in the 1930. 

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