Monday, August 10, 2015

SASLLC - Model High School Karimabad Hunza - EDIP - Educational Development and Improvement Programme.


I am reproducing the contents of the PDCN  scheme as understood by former vice principal of Government Model High School Karimabad:
“The main objectives of this Centre are as under:
1.      To provide FREE quality education at doorsteps.
2.      To enhance teaching quality of the schools.
3.      To provide access to better coaching tools for teachers.
4.      To access the coaching material of best educational institutions of the world.
5.      To avail the opportunity of free education available on inter-net around the world.
6.      To enhance the LIFE SKILLS of educated population and provide LIFELONG LEARNING opportunities.
EDIP - Educational Development and Improvement Programme - of PDCN Gilgit has established this facility in 2010 in this school as LRS - Learning Resource Centre - for the school as well as for few other feeding units of this school. Its main objective being enhancement of quality of teaching learning and to provide missing facilities specially IT related gadgets and equipment. More than ten brand new computers have been provided along with the DSL connectivity. Other facilities student chairs, and teaching kits for all the teachers of LRS and short/long courses arrangements have also been made at PDCN Gilgit and IED Karachi. This computer system was not operational for the last nearly one year due to some inevitable circumstances. But after brigadier’s intervention we have a bright chance to use this facility for multiple purposes in the best interest of students in particular and teachers in general. Educated general public of the locality will also take benefit according to the schedules.
Although the facility is available 24-hrs a day, it is being planned that SASLLC and Open University, be open at least for 12 hours daily. Mr. KARIM KHAN has been requested to facilitate this Centre from 9 am to 3 pm and office has moved to this Centre. TKN volunteers will look after the centre from 3:00 pm to 8.00 pm daily. An income generation mechanism will enable the school to offer a compensation package for the time taken by these volunteers. Mohd din, A.H/M will assume the role of Honorary VC of this facility while Mr Karim Khan and Mr Aurangzeb will act in the capacity of DEANs. An Academic council will also be formed very soon.”
I feel it is a moral responsibility as well of all right thinking individuals to make all efforts to reach the noble aim of imparting quality education.
In this context I am enclosing the scanned copy of the “Inspection and Maintenance Report” for the “Learning Center”. I have noticed this state since I arrived back in Hunza since May 2015. Kindly recall my telephonic request in this regard and stance of the school.
It is now my proposal that you may kindly initiate a “non-obtrusive” regular reporting through your IT in- charge, who visits all the fourteen centers through a regular schedule and gives you an “INSPECTION REPORT” on the state of items provided by PDCN and its utilization and also helps restore functionality of hardware in each center.

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