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Secrets of World War ll - What Really Happened to Rommel ?

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An honorable man. "Give me an army full of Australians and I can win the war". So it is said that Erwin said that :-)

The Nazis definitely won the battle of ,,who had the coolest helmets and uniforms
Well, if it was Panzer Grenadiers in blotchy came from 1943 onwards, yes.
Some of u guys are wrong, I read Rommel knew the landing would be in Normandy. Hitler ignored him....
+mickey rat (maqnchs) Rommel expected the invasion would be in Normandy.
Hitler did not believe him, thinking it would be in Calais.
Rommel was a man of great integrity or moral conviction.
He presided over battles that abided by the rules of war, and like all great leaders, hated the needless death/slaughter of those he commanded, and thus the German soldiers and citizens alike loved him.
I (too) studied History, and found Rommel the be a completely honorable
My father told me that Rommel was held in high regard by the Allied (Australian) forces in northern Africa, he was also to be feared when you were in battle against him.
What I'm trying to say is that "Rommel was a solders solder".
That rare breed of officer, for whom the command and loyalty (of his men) is given to him freely, through force of character and his natural brilliance.
History (so far) treats General Field Marshall Irwin Rommel well, as he above all other German Officers deserve it.
A Great Man.
That is just not true, several high ranking officers in the Werhmacht never joined the Nazi Party. Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, Admiral Karl Dönitz, General Adolf Gallant, Feld Marshall General  von Rundstedt, Feld marshal Erwin Rommel, Count Claus von Stauffenberg plus several hundred others were never party members. 
Read your history!
Well I've taught WWII history and have never read anything in any English history book that has ever said that all high ranking German officers were required to be Nazi's, quite the opposite.
  There were no Admirals or high ranking naval officers in the Krieg’s marine that were members of the Nazi Party at all. I'd like to know what history books you are reading and when they were published?
Rommel was trigger happy and wanted to see people die.
He often went directly to the front lines to watch.
They had to forbid him such actions.
Nice presentation, and some great footage.
Like most points of view some topics are open to debate. 
Reading the comments below some people seem to miss the most valid point.
When your enemies RESPECT you, that should give you a clue !
"Rommel didn't fear death"...of course not! 
Death feared Rommel instead. R.I.P Desert Fox
Where's Rommel?, "He's on the front lines".
A common line spoken by his men.
He preferred to be fighting alongside.
Great man and leader unfortunately the shit stain that was Hitler screwed his legacy.
Rommel was a military careerist and a soldier through and through.
While he didn't commit war crimes I can't say that Rommel was a great or a good man.
Just like his son, Manfreld Rommel said : "In general, it is worth mentioning that all secondary virtues such as bravery, discipline, loyalty and perseverance only have validity so long as they are used in a good cause.
When a positive cause becomes negative, these virtues become questionable."
+Maël Dove Another way to say it is --- When a good man helps a bad man succeed the good man is not serving mankind.
+Maël Dove yeah , yeah Germans were shocked with concentration camps.
All the time they were thinking that Gestapo is taking their Jewish neighbors for a vacation.
Even Rommel is romanticized now b/c he turned against the Hitler at the end of the war . 
He did it b/c Hitler was losing war in 1944 , and removing Hitler was only way to prevent Germany from complete destruction, not b/c he ( Rommel) was against everything that Hitler did before and b/c Hitler brought the misery to millions in Europe.
Rommel said that he found about death camps " later in the war and he was shocked" - while thousands of ordinary Germans served in concentration camps and did atrocities against Jewish and Slavic people in Eastern Europe, sending letters home, a Field Marshall Rommel " did not know anything until later in the war".
What a bunch of BS !
I  always wondered if Hitler had not sent Rommel to kill himself how fair would the allies have been to him
+Neuschwabisch : No not at all. Rommel was a Soldier of great integrity.
All Allied Commanders recognized this quality in him. Rommel was no criminal, he didn't take part in any activity regarding genocide of any peoples.
So the Allies would have no reason to do such a thing.
Executing an Officer of the vanquished forces, who had not committed any known crime, would be a folly.
As it would set a precedent, that in future wars, all military officers of the defeated side would suffer execution....And one never knows when you yourself may be on the wrong side.
In fact Rommel is the epitome of the perfect soldier, yes he wanted to win, but win by the rules governing war.
I suppose we would say today, that Rommel was a gentleman. 
He went about his duty as an officer, with integrity of the highest order, and was respected Militarily by both Montgomery and Eisenhower.
It is a shame, that such character and sense of duty, is missing in many leaders of men today, it really is the most admirable of traits. 
Lastly and ironically, Rommel was forced to commit suicide, for being involved in the plot to assassinate Hitler, when in fact he had nothing at all too do with this act...though of course he knew of it. 
For Rommel even though he believed Hitler was an Enemy of the German people, he still would not forsake his oath as an officer to his Leader......

+Neuschwabisch "They probably would have hanged him." Yeah, just like they hanged Guderian, Mannstein and Dönitz. Oh wait...
A German wounded 6 times in combat received an arm band designating that.
I believe Rommel cherished being able to wear his as much or more than his Pour le Merited.
He got the wound badge in gold.

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