Monday, March 7, 2011


The continuing behavior of "Hunzukutz", contained in the all embracing word "SUCHI", is based on the guidance of Allah communicated through our holy prophet (PBUH) in which he extols people to settle their affairs through mutual consultation and if they do not reach an accord then leave the consequences to Allah and his messenger (rather than taking the matters into their own hands and resorting to 'FASAD'). Furthermore Imam Baqir asked his followers to include "SABR" (Click Patience) as a basic pillar of "IMAN". The continuing guidance of the Imam on these principles for the time is expressed through terms such as "MERITOCRACY", "DEMOCRACY", "Pluralism" and "CIVIL SOCIETY".
It is imperative for the Governance (specially the newly appointed governor) to understand the reasons for civilized (and to others "docile") behavior of 'Hunzukutz' to be this social and religious philosophy rather than interpreting it in terms of weakness and lack of courage. The number of Wartime awards as well as the civil awards for service and achievement earned by "Hunzukutz" are a testimony to their prowess. The Government must as such listen to civilized voices rather than "GHIRAO" "JALOA" and similar violent methods of getting the demands of populations attended. The expectations for dispensation on "JUSTICE" and "MERIT" continue to be advocated verbally as well as through written communication (See the EXTRACTS posted on this blog) to all echelons of governance for the past many decades without any visible impact. As a result I can hear "ANGER" especially from our younger generation and I strongly recommend it to be heard by people responsible for making decisions that affect the present and future of a society. If we study history, be it French Revolution or the Bolshevik revolution, the anger arising from injustice gives rise to "HATE" and in the long run to "TEHRIKS" with uncontrolled consequences. The demand for a second seat for HUNZA in the GBLA is a JUST and MERIT based demand and it must be met as an urgent matter. My presence today and address to populations from a platform of this nature for the first time in my life stems from my devotion and love, like majority of Hunzukutz, for Pakistan, that alone forces me to advocate that such love for Pakistan should not be allowed to decay and turn into "HATE". In the light of what I believe is the right course, and of course as part of example for the country in expression of collective will, notwithstanding existing disappointments and violent methods prevalent in the country, I put forward two suggestions in front of my fellow "HUNZUKUTZ":
First we must on 01 Nov between 11:00 to 12:00 O'clock demonstrate our solidarity in a civilized manner. Towards this end all men, women and children must form a human chain from "KILIK" to "MAYUN" on the roads adjacent to their villages without disturbing any traffic or other forms of violence or improper behavior instead showing a festive look in the usual HUNZA tradition.
Secondly we must choose two representatives through a very transparent and ideal democratic procedure and present to the government as "REPRESENTATIVES" elected by the people as part of democratic expression.
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