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From: Hisamullah Beg SI(M) []
Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2010 5:07 PM
To: ''
Subject: Calculating the amount of available power - Awareness in Parliament

My Dear Marvi Memon,

I salute your brave posture especially with respect to advocacy of issues for Gilgit and Baltistan. Some years back, your illustrious father, in his capacity as the chairman of Parliamentary committee on water/energy issues, invited me for my views: He simply asked, "Tell me one thing which can change the fate of Gilgit and Baltistan"

My reply was, Pakistan needs water and cheap energy, Gilgit and Baltistan needs cheap/sustainable energy. Water in the rivers is available for only three months when it is monsoon in the plains. Store and manage water for the remaining nine months. The cheap energy can change the fate of the populations living in the north as well as rest of the country. The stored water will impact grain production in the plains tremendously with cheaper availability of food items to the citizens.

I have now written a small paper titled "Calculating the amount of available power" (Click  CALCULATIONS)

Please visit my blog and read it. It is my earnest request to you to bring about necessary awareness within parliamentarians about the energy potential and the lasting benefits that have been very clearly and simply covered in this article on my blog.
With best wishes,

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