Wednesday, August 1, 2012


These judgments were accepted and implemented both by the rulers [Mir Nazim Khan, Mir Ghazan Khan and Mir Jamal Khan (HI) of Hunza and Mir Sikandar Khan and Mir Shaukat Ali Khan of Nagar and population equally, till some modern day devilish minds have misguided the affected populations and started litigation after almost a century of well defined and equitable implementation of the judgment. Through this post I appeal to all reasonable minds in Hunza (Ganish villages) and Nagar (villages Nagar & Sumayar) as well as the administration and legal echelons to go through this correspondence and the judgment (available in Persian) and revert back to the status defined in these judgments. [ Note: I am willing to provide the hard copies of under mentioned correspondence and judgment to all  well meaning individuals interested in resolving this unnecessary dispute.]
The appeal for ending the on-going litigation has following noble objectives:
a.     It will end friction between the parties involved and save them the unnecessary financial burden.
b.     It will facilitate the newly formed district administration in Hunza to locate its Head Quarter in a place suitable for both Hunza & Nagar populations – without getting entangled in litigation and difficult situation.
c.      It will help in resettlement of affected populations from Gharayat (upper Ataabad), Ayeenabad and Nazimabad; recently affected by the natural disaster.
d.     It will forestall future litigation of this nature in Shinaki area, which appears to be brewing up.

The historical copies available with me consist of following documents:
1.     Letter dated 12th May, 1901 in which judgment dated 17th April 1901 on the dispute regarding water and grazing rights in ‘BAYES’- HARUMAN HAR BORDER BETWEEN HUNZA & NAGAR - have been defined  and decided.
2.     Copy of letter dated 14 June 1901 dealing with border dispute between Hunza and Nagar and grazing rights in ‘ Gunzuper’  in reply to the requests from the Mir of Hunza and Nagar.
3.     The letter dated 14 June 1901 dealing with grazing rights between people of village Nagar and villages Ganish and Garelth in Hunza.
4.     The judgment dated 14 June 1901 on the border demarcation between Hunza and Nagar and the grazing rights (beyond the defined border) in ‘GANZUPER’.

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