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An Analysis of Sectarian Conflict in GB and Possible Solution


The theology of murder

Ever since the tragic sectarian conflicts in 1988, civil society in GB and even the government in the region have seen an ever-increasing fragmentation. Killing, counter killings and confrontation with the government has resulted into a situation of anarchy, especially in Gilgit town. Government, sensitive individuals and groups have tried in the past to overcome this situation but with limited or no success. One such group with the proposed name "Karakuram Peace Forum" held a well attended conference on May 8, 2005 at Gilgit, the organizing committee headed by Mr. Nazir Sabir (SI), a famed mountaineer from Hunza with a number of credentials achieved by him, had contacted and requested me to accept the position of convener for their forum.

I had shared my analysis of the situation and views and how deeply felt wounds can be healed and requested the committee to share their analysis before I can decide to participate in this effort. This analysis is reproduced towards diagnosis of the issue.

My analysis of the situation and proposal for bringing about a balance in the society has been as under:

Perspective: The revolution in Iran by Imam Khumeini advocated the concept of "Walayat-e-Faqih" (SHEIKH , NASRULLAH) and issued the religious edict for a world wide armed struggle for establishment of the same. Shia Isna-ashris in Pakistan also heeded to this call and started arming themselves. The world powers, specially USA in view of its global policy such as anti soviet stance in Afghanistan and its dislike for Irani revolution, responded by prompting (Mrs Clinton StatementCLINTON VIDEO Sunni Muslim states such as (CLICK) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait (REASON, THREATRAFIDA ) to encourage formation of Jehadi groups (at present stage TALIBAN) with full participation of Pakistan. In Gilgit the blood bath of 1988 occurred for which Shia's consider the government of the time to be a responsible party in furthering American stand.

Impact of Recent Global Economical Scenario: Chinese emergence towards economical giant status, has alarmed Europe, USA, India, Russia and the middle East. The KKH and Gawadar port development (LINK) will prove a sizable conduit of trade for CIS and China. This factor has also prompted powers outside Pakistan including Iran and Gulf countries to destabilize this possible trade route for their own economical interests.
Over the years, two of the intellectual movements (SALAFI - sponsored by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Wilayat al-Faqih - sponsored by the Islamic Republic of Iran) have evolved into increasingly violent confrontation - almost as a war between two movements – very much ENGINEERED by the world powers within their scheme of running the globe (Watch this VIDEO). 

Solution: Now it is imperative for every citizen in the GB to keep National and regional interests to be supreme to group /sectarian feelings. This would be possible only if we manage to heal the past wounds and recreate a pluralistic society in the region. For this to happen we need to work on the model of "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" concept adopted by South Africa to balance its fragmented society. This concept of course should be acceptable to Sunnis and Shias alike as the Quranic teaching extols the virtue of forgiveness over revenge (Sura 42 Ayah 40).

Copy of my communication to US administration: 
Dear Sir,
These comments are with reference to resolve in defusing ISIS:
West has done a thorough research and engineered the SALAFI movement towards the strategic goals, it is we Muslims who get carried away through ignorance about this manipulation.Better option to defuse ISIS: USA must apologize to the world and admit that it was a mistake to Engineer the movement of SALAFA as well as WALAYAT-UL-FAQIH as a strategy towards fueling sunni-shia war.

My Feelings:
Approaches and views shared with me by a number of Sunni and Shias of the region in the recent few months shows a desire on their part to trust intervention of individuals of proven integrity and honesty of purpose to bring about a rapprochement in the society. I have, however not been able to gauge the policy of the government to favour or disapprove such a course. However, I can only hope that government will also be willing to support such an idea. 

Ayah 40
Yusuf Ali The recompense for an injury is an injury equal thereto (in degree): but if a person forgives and makes reconciliation His reward is due from Allah: for (Allah) loveth not those who do wrong. 
Pickthall The guerdon of an ill deed is an ill the like thereof. But whosoever pardoneth and amendeth, his wage is the affair of Allah. Lo! He loveth not wrong doers. 
Transliteration Wa jaza_u say yi atin say yi atum mitsluha_ faman afa_ wa aslaha fa ajruhu_ alal la_h in nahu_ la_ yuhib buz za_limin 

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