Monday, August 18, 2014

Vital step towards Preservation of Economical Interests of GB - Harmonization of Customary Laws on NATURAL RESOURCES

Customary Laws
Dated 24 Dec 2008

Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan

Hisamullah Beg SI(M)

Dear Sir,
 Further to my discussions I have the pleasure to enclose two documents as supporting material for the topic now being referred to you for a just policy decision. These documents are:

  • United Nations (Universal Declaration) Agenda 21: Chapter 26 titled "RECOGNIZING AND STRENGTHENING THE ROLE OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLE AND THEIR COMMUNITIES"
  • Government of Pakistan "National Mineral Policy (NMP) 1995.

It is a well known historical fact that residents of Northern Areas were not much concerned about the prospects for natural resource development in achieving better quality of life for themselves. In recent decades the government and many NGO's working in the area has helped change that situation. The indigenous populations are aware of their natural resources and desire to use these for economical uplift. The Social organizations such as LSOs facilitated by AKRSP are suited to undertake their own development agenda. In the past there has been a common practice of awarding leases for mineral development to non-resident entrepreneurs and thus a number of leases are being held in detriment to development of local economy. I am appealing through these lines to:
1.     Review the Northern Area Policy on awarding these leases to non residents in Future.
2.     Review the existing leases, cancel them and re-award these to local collective entities.
Chief Secretary Northern Areas Only:    Please recall our discussion in the presence of Mohammed Mian Soomro Chairman Senate (and Now Interim PM) and evolve a policy in the light of UN declaration referred above.

Brig (Retd) Hisamullah Beg SI(M)
Copy for Information/action: Mr. Qamruzzaman, Chief Secretary NA's
                                            Malik Miskeen, Speaker NALA.
NOTE: Resubmitted to GOVERNOR, CM, SPEAKER, DEPUTY SPEAKER and Secy GBLA (for circulation to all members)


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Anonymous said...

Naveed Hunzai commented on your link.
Naveed wrote: "Great effort Kako, How can we take it further and materialize it? I think we must outline a line of action. I am ready to participate in this regard, Please leme know how can I be part of this effort."

Hisamullah Beg SI(M) said...

Of course you are welcome, you can do advocacy with our representatives/friends, share and discuss with others, and/or participate - See Introduction to HDF on this blog.

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