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Khurukushal Khan Pilot Scheme for Emergency Lighting

INTRODUCTION: The scheme which covers 54 households of this settlement, aims at motivating people to help themselves in line with the spirit advocated by the Imam of the time as given in the learning material for “Civil Society”, and also repeated through the WEBCAST on 11th July 2017. It is hoped that all VO/WO will emulate the model and ultimately agree to form "Hunza Power Supply Company" as a precursor to a vibrant economy for Hunza.
This system will provide lighting to all the participants for at least 3 to four hours each day in the absence of public supply system and be sustainable when each of the users agrees to pay the expenses he has been presently incurring on - gas lamps/mumbati/ emergency lights etc. - through a monthly bill to the treasurer of the WO.
As the system is upgraded through SELF HELP, the beneficiaries will use this system towards KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY as well TELEMEDICINE and economic transformation.
The capital for this scheme has been raised through conscientious investors. The invested amount is in the form of items as listed below and not money and this cost is likely to be refunded to the investor in two years with the feeling of gratitude from the beneficiaries as the associated profit alternately it will be the share if "Hunza Power Supply Company" becomes a reality during this period and the investors opts to buy the shares of this company.
The system will be operated by the Women Organisation which functions under the patronage of Baltit Rural Support Organization (BRSO). The decision in this regard has been approved vide ref no. VO-12/04/013. The present executive body consists of:
Chairperson:            Mrs Naseem Bano
Vice Chairperson:    Mrs Naik Parwar
Treasurer:                Mrs Abida
Secretary:                Mrs Zadi W/O Irshad (Sakhi Madad)
54 houses are covered by six distributed systems. One system has been commissioned on 26th June 2013 and the components of the distributed system consists of:
1. Battery 165-AH                                            Rs. 10,000.00
2. Inverter 1000-VA                                         Rs. 2,400.00
3. 3*Solar Panels 100-W or 2*150W Panels Rs. 10,000.00 each (two of these are on loan from Baltit Fort.
4. Battery Charger                                             Rs. 1,100.00 (20A Charger costs around Rs. 3,000)
6. Battery Charge controller 15A                        Rs. 3,000.00
7. Wiring/Labour Charges:                                  Rs. 6,285.00 (Mr. Mehrban)
Total Initial Cost:                                    [Paid by Brig Hisamullah Beg SI(M) as investment for the scheme.]
Operator (Voluntary Service):                 Mr. Javed karim
Starting date (pilot system):                     26th June 2013.

The scheme is scheduled for full commissioning on 28th September 2013.

Each system has been installed in the house of a voluntary operator who keeps a simple record of the operation of the system in his charge. His record forms the basis of monthly bills as well as any repair or maintenance requirements. This record has a more important function of generating a data base for possible improvements in replicated systems elsewhere.

BUSINESS PLAN: scanned copy of the handwritten plan is as under:

COPY OF THE RECEIPT (provided to investors):
Receipt no: KHELS /............. Dated:....................
Recieved with thanks from Mr/Mrs/Miss ...................... S/O (D/O) ..................NIC ........................................ Emergency Lighting System components valued at Rs. investment for the scheme. We promise, to refund this amount within two years from this date; unless the investor opts to buy shares of HUNZA POWER SUPPLY COMPANY. In that case this amount will be transferred to the account of the company against The SHARE CERTIFICATES issued in the name of above named investor, (or his/her NEXT OF KIN) by the competent officials of the proposed company.
Chairperson: ................-------------------------------(Mrs ................ ).                                                                                           ( Mrs ............................)


Chairperson BRSO. ...............................      (Mr. .................................)
NOTE: Recurring Premature battery failures have dented the credibility of the system with the users. Since the system installed at my home is working satisfactorily since 1998, I have reached the conclusion that care and maintenance needs to be done according to following instructions:

System number.                  Participant’s Name.                                                                Remarks

1)                                       Sultan Zareen Niyat Zareen (?)
2)                                       Amirullah Ali Gohar (?)
3)                                       Mubarak Ali Adalat Khan (?)
4).                                      Amir Ali Adalat Khan (EL)
5).                                      Ghulamuddin (?)
6).                                      Irshad Ali Sakhi Madad (?)
7).                                      Khizar Hayat Shahgul Hayat rented house (?)
8).                                      Azizullah Hayat Rauful Hayat (?)
9).                                      Shahgul Hayat (?)
              INSTALLATION HARDWARE/LABOUR:                                  Rs.    5,215.00
              Cost paid by Brig Hisamullah Beg
              Voluntary Operator: Mr. Sultan Zareen Niat Zareen.
              Commissioned on 28th September 2013

No. 2:
1)                                      Javed Karim Ibadat Shah (EL)
2)                                      Fida Ali Shafa Ali (EL)
3)                                      Rehmat Karim Ghulam Rasul (?)
4)                                      Noori Hayat Shafa Ali (?)
5)                                      Nadir Shah Hasan Shah (?)
6)                                      Iqbal Karim Nasir Khan (?)
7)                                      Bulbul Jan Tawalut Khan (
8)                                      Muhammad Hayat Rauful Hayat (EL)
9)                                      Khizr Hayat Shagul Hayat (?)
10)                                    Karimul Hayat Rauful Hayat (UPS)
NOTE:   This is the pilot system started on 26th June 2013.
            Javed Karim Honorary Operator.
            Initial Cost of installation and system components provided by Brig Hisamullah Beg.
            Solar battery controller installed on 03 October 2013 and installation modified
            System Cost:                        Rs. 26,450.00,
            Installation hardware/labour:  Rs.11,500.00
            Cost paid by Brig Hisamullah Beg

No. 3:
1)                                      Deedar Karim Abdul Latif (?)
2)                                     Amir Shah Niat Shah (EL)
3)                                     Abdul Hakim Khalique Shah (?)
4)                                     Sultan ullah Beg Qurban Shah (EL)
5)                                     Wilayat Shah Tawalud Shah (?)
6)                                     Sahib Khan Ghulam Nasir (?)
7)                                     Khuda Madad Muhammad Sharif (?)                                  
8).                                    Imdad Ali Fida Ali (EL)
9).                                    Safiullah Baig Abdul Rasheed (?)
NOTE; Standard system Cost of components: Rs. 41,300.00,
             Installation Hardware and Labour:      Rs.   7,390.00
             Cost paid by Brig Hisamullah Beg
             Voluntary Operator: Mr Deedar Karim
              Commissioned on 28th September 2013

1)                                    Talib Shah Tahira Shah (?)
2)                                    Sahib Jan Tahira Shah (?)
3)                                    Afsar Jan Tahira Shah (?)
4)                                    Muhammad Ismail Wilayat Shah (?)
5)                                    Wilayat Shah Murad Shah (?)
6)                                    Ali Member Ali Farast ((?)
7).                                   Farhat Baig Noori-Hayat (?)
8)                                    Safdar Karim Daulat Ali (UPS)
9)                                    Taliban Karim (shop) (EL)
NOTE:   Standard system Cost of components:   Rs.  41,300.00
               Installation hardware/labour:                 Rs.    6,810.00
               Operator Mr. Talib Shah
               Cost paid by Brig Hisamullah Beg
               Commissioned on 28th September 2013

1)                                    Nooruddin Niyat Shah (EL)
2)                                    Muhiuddin Rahim Khan (?)
3)                                    Karim Abbass Alif Khan (EL)
4).                                   Muhabbat Shah Mohd Shafi (GL)
5)                                    Qasim Beg Mohammad Wali (?)
6).                                   Ibrahim Hidayat Khan (?)
7).                                   Mujeebullah Beg (UPS)
8)                                    Muhammad Wali (Shopkeeper)
9)                                    Niat Shah (EL)
NOTE:   Standard system Cost of components:   Rs.  41,300.00
               Installation hardware/labour:                 Rs.     5,382.00
               Operator Mr. Muhiuddin Rahim Khan
               Cost paid by Brig Hisamullah Beg
1)                                    Mirbaz Khan Abdullah Baig (?)
2).                                   Amin Khan Yousaf Khan (?)
3).                                   Abdullah Shah Abdullah Baig (?)
4).                                   Ghulam Musa Ghulam Mohd (GL)
5).                                   Abid Karim Ghulam Mohd (GL)
6).                                   Sangi Khan Amanullah Khan (?)
7).                                   Karim Madad Ghulam Mohd (GL)
8).                                   Sher Baz Sher Karim (?)
9).                                   Hayat Shah Niyat
NOTE:   Non-Standard system Cost of components:   Rs.  34,300.00
               Installation hardware/labour:                         Rs.    7,365.00
               One panel 100-W total 250-W, Battery AGS GR-95 (All other systems have EXIDE N-165)
               Operator Mr. Amin Khan Yousuf Khan
               Cost paid by Brig Hisamullah Beg
               Commissioned on 28th September 2013

Investment on the six systems:    Rs.274,920.00  [all paid by Brig Hisamullah Beg SI(M)]

All items except those in SYSTEM-2 have been supplied by Mr Iqbal Karim (from Shimshal)
Two out of total seven system components (cost Rs. 82,600.00) have been installed in SULTAN ALI SAMARQAND LIFELONG LEARNING CENTRE IN MODEL HIGH SCHOOL KARIMABAD.



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