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Despite the negative impression of the government bureaucracy in Pakistan, I  am hopeful that God fearing officials can deliver to the people they are assigned to serve. With this hope I am sharing ZERO BUDGET proposals on HEALTH, EDUCATION and ENERGY for active participation by the District Government. "Idea Demonstration" projects are in operation in BALTIT HUNZA since September 2013 and the new DC in Hunza is welcome to get an on-site briefing any time convenient to him. Details can be viewed on the following links:
B.   ENERGY and Future Projects: 

Our education system is today antiquated and is not adequately preparing our students for the world into which they graduate. The Google+ community on "Education" serves as a communication hub for teachers, students, and parents to discuss all topics relevant to Education.
CONNECTED LEARNING is when you are pursuing expertise around something you care deeply about and you are supported by friends and institutions who share and recognise your passion. This vision of learning leverages the tools of the digital age to build on education basics while offering young people opportunities to develop skills and literacies needed to thrive in a new world.
SASLLC BALTIT is a ZERO BUDGET idea demonstration project working on TKN CONCEPT in BALTIT HUNZA and advocates replication in all regions where opportunities for WORLD CLASS QUALITY EDUCATION do not exist.
For details visit this link:

Steps towards an Egalitarian/Knowledge Society – Eye Witness Observations
1.  Pre- Election 2015:
a.  Debate between all candidates – “Why should we vote for you?”
b.  Obtain a commitment from candidates to continue efforts to work towards a ROAD-MAP claimed, even if they fail to win.
c.   Funded by AKRSP,
d.  Facilitated by KADO through a joint invitation from HDF, Sujo Hunzo, and Pamir Times and held in Ali abad Hunza.
e.  The proceedings shared with populations through cable TV.
2.  Post Election Events:
a.  Brain storming Session:
                                         i.    Venue: Karimabad Hunza
                                       ii.    Participants: Concerned Intellectuals (including PHDs and other highly educated Hunzukutz). LSO Governance.
                                     iii.    Purpose:
1.  Deliberation on formation of a “THINK TANK” for Hunza.
2.  Workout an outline ROAD-MAP for multi-stake efforts.
3.  Motivate eight LSOs in Hunza to move towards NETWORKING – a pre-requisite towards availing potential of CPEC.
                                     iv.    Funding: AKRSP (see TARGET number two)
                                       v.    Facilitated by KADO and HDF.
                                     vi.    Proceedings shared on Facebook by Ikram Najmi of Sujo Hunzo.
b.  LSO convention:
                                         i.    Theme:            “Public Private Partnership”
                                       ii.    Venue:                Karimabad Hunza.
                                     iii.    Participants:        DC and AC Hunza and Line Departments, Chairpersons of 76 LSOs in GB and Chitral, RC Hunza, AKRSP Manager/Staff of AKRSP, Brigadier Hisamullah Beg SI(M) (for a special advocacy for two topics viz. “Better Future – Reorientation,- Self Help is the Best Help” and consensus on a name by all LSOs in GB/Chitral to represent them in PCECC and steps towards NETWORKING of LSOs as an essential step towards availing possible impact of CPEC on the region).
                                     iv.    Purpose:
1.  Advocacy with Government for initiating Legislative process in GB on the lines of what has been accomplished in KPK (as shared by Chairman LSO of NETWORKS in upper Chitral).
2.  Sharing with government officials the long term development plans evolved by various LSOs.
3.  Need for integrating “Public Private Partnership” in Government ADP in GB.

                                       v.    Funding and Facilitation of Event:                   AKRSP

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