Tuesday, January 6, 2015

VIEWS on upcoming elections in GB and “THE VOTE”

From the posts on social media, I can see that a number of aspirants want to represent Hunza in the coming elections through a political party platform. For the previous elections I had promised my vote to that aspirant who gives satisfactory answers to each of following questions:
  1. Do you know the views of USA, UN, EU, India, China, Russia and GOP on the status of Gilgit – Baltistan? What are your views and how do you think you will go about implementing your views?
  2. What is your knowledge on the current statutory and customary laws on Natural resources? What does the UN Universal Declaration on this topic contemplate? Are you aware of any local attempts and how will you go about ensuring the economic interests of present and coming generations?
  3. What are the burning issues confronting Hunza today? Do you have a statistical analysis and how do you propose tackling them?
  4. What is your vision for the Hunza society for the next 5 years, 10 yrs., 20 yrs. and 50 years? What collective targets would you set and with what priority?
  5. What is your commitment on the improvements of KKH and proposed energy corridor/railway line? What are the reasons for the slowdown? What would you do to overcome the slowdown that you see?"

Instead of a generalized WISHLIST on what your party will deliver AFTER the elections. My suggestion to the aspirants are:
  1. Give specific quantified GOALS and a ROAD-MAP in writing on this and other media on creating Livelihood opportunities through doable steps towards ECONOMICAL TRANSFORMATION and the programs/projects in ENERGY, EDUCATION/SKILLS, HEALTH and other social issues, with how you have started.
  2. Above all why wait till the elections; embark on these programs/projects from TODAY. AKDN has already provided an effective setup and also written guide-lines to channelize your efforts.
I am glad to see that the preconditions for my “QAIMATI VOTE” have generated such a healthy discussion on the social media. I had posed the same questions to each of the aspirants in previous election also but for partial answers from the son of one of the aspirants none had responded and I did not cast my vote.

Yes, “ETHNICITY, CLAN and SECTARIAN-BIAS” are strong realities on ground, but the biggest reality has yet to enter this discussion – the reality of GREED/MONEY which had almost WON the last elections but for the sponsored “MANIPULATION” inherent in the “YAR ZIRAT MIRACLE”.

I have a dream for Hunza as the first step, that of a “DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY CAPABLE OF BEING AN EXAMPLE TO THE REST OF THE COUNTRY OF WHAT AN ISLAMIC SOCIETY IN 21ST CENTURY SHOULD BE”. This cannot happen without motivated and informed indigenous leadership. In order to comprehend my view of how this type of leadership can be identified; take out some time and read the contents on following links;
a.         http://www.akdn.org/Content/907

This process should lead us to vote in a leader who gets more than 50% votes from well informed voters. That means the winning representative must pole at least 14,000 votes – figure based on the number of registered voters for the previous election, I do not have the updated figures of registered voters for the coming election. But please do not go to fictitious voters referred to in the term “MIRACLE”.

Proposals for AKRSP's Consideration:

I am highly optimistic about the IDEA DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS that I have initiated in BALTIT, Hunza towards a big positive transformation within the societies that embark on this course. It is my earnest hope that AKRSP adopts it as an institutional program through the LSOs. I urge the decision makers to go through the playlist of TED-TALKS on the subject of MOOCS, to help understand this initiative on education through DISTANCE LEARNING while study of my blogposts will reveal the potential for the TELEMEDICINE as well as ENERGY through CIVIL SOCIETY efforts.

Kindly visit this link to read AKDN policy.


COPY of Communication:
My question and the answer from two past GM's is reproduced as under:

"I am blunt and you know it.I am approaching you once again to consider my appeal.
First visit AKDN site to get the background for what I am trying to say.
I have failed to understand so far as to why you did not include the "political Action" mandate for the social organisations during your paid professional career with AKDN. SSK (Shuaib Sultan Khan) says it was very much a part of the briefing he got from the Imam in early 1980s.
Nothwithstanding your evaluation of motivation or intellectual capacity of the Imamat, I am sure you do realize the importance of CIVIL SOCIETY, specially with regard to the nature and history of the populations in Hunza.Please join in to promote and implement this vital aspect also in a voluntary capacity - the concept of TKN.

The question of my LEADERSHIP is irrelevant, I consider myself only as someone who has a deep reverance for the Imam of the Time and consider it a part of my personal MISSION to tell and increae awareness

Answer:It is never too late, lets work together on all fronts, civil society, political energy, buiness

Question to the Board:
As present and past chairpersons of the board, can you give your point of view for non-implementation of this policy."

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