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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Concrete Proposal towards “Hunza Power Supply Company”

Brainstorm: Concrete Proposal towards Hunza Power Supply Company”

Kineticenergy of water flow in a stream or river is a renewable source of energy abundantly available in our region. Harnessing this source through well established methods is both capital and time intensive. I am suggesting an alternate technology suited from affordability as well as indigenous manufacture en  mass. This involves use of a floating hydro-electric generator” tethered to the anchors on river bank and suited to minimum flow in winters and also swollen rivers during summers.  

Objective: To provide electricity to each village independently through self help and gradually increasing the capacity to meet entire demand needed towards economical transformation.


Lets see and create something that has the same look and feel that can be seen in this video I found the other day.

Levels / Stages 

Prototype Development and functionality Tests

  1. Need interested youngsters ready to go for a career in this field to participate.
  2. Collaboration by government and established CSOs such as AKRSP is highly desirable.
Please feel free to add or update these if you think I missed anything!

Experience Shared:    On the other hand, don’t under-estimate what one person looking to change their piece of the world can do. Before I bought the FITZ Waterwheel company, I had been through some hard times. Now 6 years later, I operate 1250 kilowatts of generators commercially, providing clean, environmentally safe power to over 1000 homes. I hope you have as much fun and satisfaction with your waterwheel, whatever the size.
(Rudy Behrens owns the FITZ Waterwheel Company. 118 Sycamore Ct., Collegeville, PA 19426, Phone: (215) 489-6256.)
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