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Baltit Rural Supporrt Organiation (BRSO)



Older RePORTS:
Oct 10, 2013
BRSO THIRD QUARTER REPORT (July-Sep 2013) 10/10/2013

Background of BRSO Programme Area: KarimabadHunza. The historic Baltit Town has served as official capital for more than 800 years of former Hunza State, due to which the community of Baltit served as host to flourish tribal institutions and developed a self sustainable rural based mountain society until the creation of Pakistan in 1947. The Baltit Town is situated in the heart of Hunza Valley at a distance of 106 kilometers from Gilgit in the south and almost 100 kilometers from Sust (border town with China in the north). The community of Baltit having experience of establishing various institutions especially in Education, Health and culture etc. Baltit community were first to introduce Male Primary School in 1912 to spread basic and primary education to rural masses. The community of Baltit is divided in four distinct tribes, who are well organized under Village organizations and women organizations to accelerate socio-economic development since 1983. During May 2011, leadership of grass roots level Village and women organizations came forward to form Baltit Rural Support Organization. The organization now represents 24 VO/WO’s 1 youth organisation and 1 civil society organisation of Karimabad union council. Since its formation process and initiation of activities through voluntary leadership during 2011 to onward considerable progress made in diverse sectors, which ultimately convinced the AKDN institutions, NGOs INGOs and Government line departments to consider for initiating projects and programs with BRSO in UC Karimabad Hunza.

Progress Review of Second Quarter (July to September 2013)

1- In the first week of July BRSO in consultation with AFC arranged an exposure trip to Gulmit Gojal for adolescents for age group 14-19. More than 85 adolescents participated in this exposure visit. The main purpose of this exposure visit was to provide environment to the adolescents for discussion and enjoyment.
2- A one month training session for the AFCs Children’s was conducted from 15th July to 15th august. The session was distributed into three main parts:
• First part includes Poster completion for Early Adolescents that includes 9 to 13 age group
• Second part includes computer training for high energetic adolescents
• Third part includes English Language training for late adolescents. Approximately 300 adolescents got benefit from this training session. This training workshop gives an immense knowledge to the young generation that would be helpful in their future grooming.
3- The training was scheduled for community health educators, AFC Managers and caretakers from July 18 to 19 2013.During which different presenters were invited in a program to skillfully transfer their knowledge and expertise to the participants. In the session different topics were discussed like health and hygiene, effective communication skills, puberty changes, Peer education, Early Marriages and etc.
4- 14th August independence was celebrated with full zeal and zest by AFC in collaboration with BRSO. Nearly 300 participants attended the program. During the session different programs were arranged. The flag was hosted and all BRSO staff and AFC staff were present during the program. Hi- tea was served .BRSO manager gave an important speech on patriotism to country. Children sung different national songs and expressed their feelings of love to their country.
5- A five day training workshop on Apple Harvesting techniques was held in hill view hotel Islamabad from 12 August to 18 August 23, 2013. This Workshop was organized by JICA team in collaboration with agriculture department of Gilgit-Baltistan. Different participants from LSOs were present in the training seminar and gained advantage from this prospect. CMO and a member from board got benefit from the training.
6- BRSO Program manager attended 1 month young community leadership development program in Hunza embassy hotel from 20 August to 20 September 2013.
7- Following in the month of September CMO and General Secretary represented BRSO in EELY forum at Gilgit Serena Hotel where they have shared BRSO success story.
8- BRSO commenced three day training program on 11-13Sep 2013 in collaboration with Govt Agriculture department Hunza-Nagar in the premises of Karimabad Hunza for community VOs and WOs. The training was given by Mr. Javed Agricultural Officer DoA. 2nd day training was given by Miss Sadia, Miss Lal Shezadi, Miss Najma Mr. Ejaz Core farmer and Mr. Javed Agricultural Department. All concerning BODs and staff of BRSO and Agricultural department Deputy Director was also present. All the participants actively participated in training program and promised BRSO to conduct same training at their own V/WOs level. Deputy Director Agricultural department appreciated the greater participation of community WOs in training session.The training session was distributed into three main phases 1st day Making of jams, juices and squash 2nd day Making of MML and BSL Solutions 3rd day Making of Ketchup and Pickle and visit to Dorkhan Agricultural farmland Nearly 70 participants got benefit from this training session in which mostly female members from community WOs Participated and 10 female members participated from Altit Rural Support Organisation

B- Apple picking, grading and packing session 24th September 2013

BRSO in collaboration with Govt. Agricultural Department commenced 1 day training for community WOs and VOs on 24th September 2013 in local Orhard of a farmer in Karimabad Hunza. There were nearly 45 participants. Mr. Ajab Gul and Mr. Rahim trained experts of Apple delivered the modus operandi of apple picking, packing and processing on how to pick an apple and pack it. Furthermore, showed practical demonstration of apple picking, grading, and packing. In this way, participants themselves picked apples and packed 4 to 5 bags.

c.  WO Khurukushal Session

WO Khurukuskal led by Lal Shezadi commenced 3 day training program (for WO Khurukushal for the practical experimentation of making of MML, BSL Solutions and different organic products. In this training 40 members participated from Kurukushall Woman Organization, and got training of organic insecticide. BRSO invited AKRSP & FOCUS high officials in training closing ceremony. Chairman BRSO briefed the guest regarding the value added fruit development project of JICA in Gilgit-Baltistan and also briefed the guests about farmers’ trainings in Japan and Pakistan. AKRSP officials appreciated the project of JICA as well as unflinching efforts and initiatives of BRSO regarding successfully project implementation in its program area.

d.  Training of MML & BSL

Training of Apple & Apricot Jam, Juice, Squash and pickle 2nd & 3rd day of training, the trainer gave training of making Apple & Apricot Jam, Juice, Squash and pickle with modern methodology. In this training session, different products were produced and displayed in training hall. During training local retailers visited the training center and gave assurance to the training participants that they will purchase local made products and prefer to keep organic products in their shops.

On 30th September 2013 Mr. Arne Andreas Utermark Country representative from German Carits and Mrs Utermark visited Caritas funded Water channels in Karimabad. Mr. Arne Andreas Utermark formally inaugurated the Brateling irrigation water channel. More than 30 Concern VO Shanokushall members, community elders, LSO office bearers and management staff were also present in this inauguration ceremony. Mr. Noor Khan Chairman briefed the Donor about Caritas Project. He also shared the overall development progress of Baltit Rural Support Organisation with donor. Mr. Urne Andreas Utermark admired the work progress of channels and further promised community to work with them in near future.



Progress Review of Second Quarter (April to June 2013)

1- In the Month of April BRSO in consultation with UN-Habitat trainers commenced seminar on Disaster Risk Reduction. The topic of seminar was Earthquake Resistance Techniques. Mr. Qurban Ali TOT from UN-habitat briefed the contributors about earthquake resistance techniques and its aftermaths and how to build owned homes that would be resistant for threats in future.
2- The informal inaugural session of AFCs (BRSO ) was came to held in the second week of April 2013.Nearly 100 of male and female participants along with youth and parents were participants of the programme.The excellent preparation of the programme was organized by managers AFCs.
3- In the first week of May BRSO in consultation with Sihat foundation and Dr. Shereen Sultan Gynecologist commenced free medical camp for the natives of central Hunza. Nearly 1000 of Patients were given treatment and medication free of cost. Nearly 5 to 6 renowned specialists of Gilgit Baltistan were called for treating patients.

a- In the second week of May BRSO in consultation with JIACA commenced seminar in Hunza Embassy Hotel.The session was distributed into three main session’s .In the seminar different presenters presented their presentation on three main topics. The first session was on value added fruits and report of marketing training in Japan. There were three presenters who got training there at Japan last month. At first, Mr. Ejaz Ali from HRSO briefed the Ordains about their exposure visit to Japan, during his presentation he bewared participants about the international market products and their visit to various markets and orchards there in japan. He envisioned the participant to about how a product can be advertised in the market and how Japanese farmers use to process fruits and how they make products and sell their goods into market.
b- In second session Mr, Ijlal Hussain of Government Agricultural department briefed the session about Market value of local fruits mainly on apricots .He told the session about the sales spots of fruits and how those products got financial benefits. He also mentioned that the best product which is sold out in the market should be in clean way. He also entertained the session by giving some funny remarks
c- In the third session Mr, Ikeda JICA marketing expert presented the international marketing value of fruits and specially he focused on apricots and their market demand in down country and promised the participants to provide them with major training.
4- On 5th June International Environment Day was celebrated by AFC centre in which the children were given certain activities to do. Different Painting and color competitions were arranged through which children’s were entertained.
5- In the Second week of June KIU staff visited BRSO and offered to make training programs in near future. There were lecturers of KIU and few staff from AKRSP. They discussed main issues of community over here and asked BRSO to help out in strengthening the organization by giving training like activities.
6- BRSO arranged a huge session for the natives of central Hunza in which Dr, Khalique Ahmed Chairman Agriculture Department of KIU addressed the participants on pest disease and its preventive measures.
7- Following in the month of June BRSO team organized a research based orientation session in which various farms and orchards of central Hunza.
8- NARC in collaboration with KIU cultivated eight different varieties of lentil plants in 2 acres of soil in
Karimabad Hunza .The cultivated plants are further monitored by KIU.BRSO Played very active role in

defining the key area for cultivation. 
   BRSO FIRST QUARTER REPORT (JAN-MAR 2013) April 21, 2013

A. Institutional Development & linkages with different Agencies of AKDN

Progress Review of First Quarter (January to March 2013)

1. Institutional Development: The BRSO Board after getting the MSF status from AKRSP, recruited professional and experienced staff in First Week of January 2013.

2. Completed Auditing of 5 WO’s and 2 VO’s during first quarter to ensure transparency at VO’s and WO’s, which was demanded by the members of the community to strengthen these grass root level community institutions, which were established.

3. Two Irrigation channels repair projects were planned through AKRSP’s Caritas Project completed all dialogues and work started at these channels during first Quarter (February and March) 2013 through community involvement:-


a. Dilbar Irrigation Channel Project work initiated through three VO’s involvement Barber VO, Aminabad VO and Barashal VO. BRSO Board and management mobilized the communities through different dialogues and meetings to form a joint project committee and developed a consensus through dialogues with other villages such as Hyderabad, Dour khan and Alyabad, who are willing to contribute for the construction of the Dilbar Irrigation channel as per past practice.
b. Barbar Irrigation Channel was assigned to Gharaberes Women Organization and VO Ulobasi, who formed a joint committee to implement the project at Barber irrigation channel project, which is supported by Caritas Swisse through AKRSP. (The project started in mid March 2013).

c. BRSO Board and management developed in 2nd Week of January 2013 concept note on Adolescent Early Youth Development Programme’s extension to Karmabad Union Council with good advocacy and social mobilization tools to motivate the AKRSP’s project team led by Dr. Muhammad Jan.

BRSO and AEYDP project team based at AKRSP Hunza after conducting capacity assessment of Baltit programme area, agreed to initiate dialogues with community leadership. During January and February 2013, all dialogues completed with success rate. Staff positions for AFC Managers were advertised through local cable service and through test and interview two talented youth (one male and one female) were selected on merit with involvement of AKRSP project team and AFC advisory committee being operational to implement one year project at Karimabad UC .

During March 2013, base line survey of Karmabad was undertaken to assess the real needs of the adolescence (9 to 19 years children) and to address their needs through this project. The community of Karmabad extended maximum co-operations to AFC managers in collection of primary data, which was shared with AKRSP project team.

The AKRSP project team after evaluating all preparations on behalf of community and BRSO Board, released first installment of the AEYDP in March to purchase equipments and to furnish the AFC centers both for male and female adolescence.

Presently, the two AFC managers have returned from intensive training at AKRSP Gilgit and registration process is underway to start operations of the two AFC Centers at Karmabad Hunza, which are expected to address child rights and adolescence related issues gradually and to prepare young minds for a healthy and balanced society.

JAN-MAR 2013) |4/21/2013

B. Other Linkages & Development in other sectors:

1. BRSO developed strong linkages with local and national NGO’s during first Quarter KADO Hunza and HiMat Foundation through these linkages the BRSO Board and management abled to initiate, planned two sustainable projects

2. To address energy crisis in the area, BRSO ignited an innovative idea to plan a small hydel project at Ulter Glacier water and contacted AKRSP Engineering Section for detailed feasibility of the water Fall, through which came the final plan to approach a potential donor to install minimum capacity of 500 kilowatt electricity and during summer nearly 1 megawatt.

3. BRSO developed a joint proposal with KADO to forward it to USAID project at NRSP Islamabad. BRSO has not completed its annual audit, therefore, it forwarded its proposal with good offices of KADO as a joint project. USAID project have acknowledged the receipt of the proposal which is in pipeline for possible funding.

4. To encourage the rural community to adopt organic farming in the near future, BRSO abled to convince the Switzerland based experts during their visit in January 2013 to initiate a 3 years research on Perma culture, a special environment and Eco-friendly agriculture technology to produce agri products and forests without using artificial fertilizers etc, which are harmful for human lives on the long run. There are few countries on the planet who are shifting to perma culture and Karimabad Hunza got a unique chance to finalize the project with HiMat team and Switzerland land based agriculture and engineering team. To initiate the project, BRSO Board and management have convinced two local farmers to donate 8 Kanals of agriculture land and 8 kanals of barren land to start the 3 years research project. The experts from Switzerland will train local farmers how to replicate models developed in the research and HiMat foundation to invest in the acquired plots minimum Rs. 3 million during three years period.

• To address un-employment from the area and to promote agriculture income of the rural farmers, BRSO like other LSO’s have developed very strong linkages with Department of Agriculture GB and through them with JICA Japan team to produce good quality of apples though training in Japan. During March two workshop sessions were conducted at karimabad by JICA team and BRSO was consulted and young farmers who are related to apple production and marketing were trained in these workshops. One Farmer from Karmabad UC has returned from Japan after training in pruning and crafting of Apples trees, who gave practical demonstrations to local farmers at Karimabad and other villages during March 2013.

• A special Lecture session was organized for local farmers at Karimabad through utilizing the free services of a national experts Prof. Dr. Khalique Ahmed, who is serving as Advisor for Karakorum International University, Gilgit on its project to resolve apple tree diseases through natural healing. Dr. Sahib delivered a detailed presentation to local farmers how to analyze apple trees which is affected with diseases without harming the environment. He gave examples of his research projects undertaken in other parts of Pakistan. After 32 farmers (both senior citizens and young attended the lecture session at Barashal community Hall in March 2013.

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