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In the digital age world class education as well as skills are universally accessible as such depending on BRICK and MORTAR facilities of questionable standards will fail to prepare competitive HR for a global world. There is definite need for reorientation towards methods and facilities made accessible by technology.
Welcome development, Chinese establish three state of the art lifelong learning centers and open universities in Hunza towards development of HR in the global world. Propose the LSOs in the area must motivate populations to avail these facilities, also name these centers in the context of dedicated individuals of their respective regions. In Altit, I propose the center be named GHULAMUDDIN LIFELONG LEARNING CENTER AND OPEN UNIVERSITY.
I am willing to train all TKN volunteers towards effective utilization of these facilities as these are steps towards attainment of three of the four D. J. Goals.
Readers can visit the following post to get a better idea of my advocacy:




My advocacy revolves around acquiring a specialty commensurate with God gifted APTITUDE by each seeker of knowledge/skill. In this age it has become totally accessible and it is MEANS BLIND. You can do all the Courses at home; despite non availability of internet and public electrical supply, copy on USB from server in SASLLC/Open University Baltit:

KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY INITIATIVE - Life Long Learning Centers for Developing Human Resources through free World Class Education at the Doorsteps

This community based self-help project has been initiated to provide world class education/skills, from ECD to UNIVERSITY, as well as free medical cover to all populations in our region. I expect that many of you will participate in this endeavor through the LSO/VO/WO/Government sponsored schools and health units of various descriptions located close to your home.

Multifaceted Proposal towards “Knowledge Society”:

Many of the VO/WO's in our region have savings running into a few million each. Rs. 50,000/00 safe investment in a project doable in seven days can be accomplished to provide electricity for 3 to 4 hours each day and a single distant learning/telemedicine station (DATA DRIVEN HEALTH CARE) to a cluster of ten households. Idea demonstration project running in Khurukushal khan WO under BRSO since 2013. This can be replicated in each of WO/VO without waiting for external inputs.
One of the options:
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