Sunday, May 27, 2018

Diamond Jubilee Goals

Points for discussion and consideration - Meeting between Mr Bolani Chairman AKRSP and Brigadier Hisamullah Beg former VP ICP.
Date and Venue: 24th May 2018, Boardroom TPS Serena Islamabad
In presence: Mr Javed Iqbal Coordinator UNDP for AKDN
1.   Three targets for AKRSP
2.    Issue of a public document in the context of goals assigned at the time of launching.
3.   Diamond Jubilee goals covered by MHI.
4.    Individual Idea Demonstration Projects for study and adoption by Institutions.
5.    Civil Society Learning Material Compiled by AKDN and it's implementation on Priority.
6.   Networking of LSOs.
Action Points:
Issue of operating manuals to all VO/LSO's/WO on the basis of CIVIL SOCIETY LEARNING MATERIAL by AKRSP.
From this experience in stabilisation, we would emphasise three crucial elements:
The first key lesson is to concentrate at the local level. Wherever the national conditions are unfavourable - in fragile or conflict situations they rarely are favourable - meaningful changes often start fastest locally, quickly building credibility and confidence.
The second lesson is that commitment to pluralism is essential. The consultations must be wide, and everyone in the community must benefit. I have learnt this lesson during my more than 60 years as the Imam of the Shia Ismaili Muslims, responsible for the spiritual and physical well-being of my Jamat and - most crucially in this context - for those with whom they live, whatever their faith or creed.

Finally, we would insist on the critical importance of civil society, which we refer to as private organisations designed to serve public goals. Such institutions are stabilising factors and points of continuity where security is fragile and politics are volatile. Consequently, investing in them, alongside the state, remains critical.
H.H AGA KHAN,15 Jan 2019, Germany
 Lesson and purpose of sharing: The LSOs, VOs, WOs and above all the local Jamat institutions need to believe in this philosophy and organize according to CIVIL SOCIETY LEARNING MATERIAL.

Idea demonstration to be shown to AKRSP :







"DAI" Implications of the term used by MHI in Portugal recently.(Page-30 Encounters in Muslim history student reader volume-1 of TALIMAT curriculum): "A teacher who promotes the message through direct teaching and through their moral conduct and model behavior." The webcast on 11th July 2017 provides a good opportunity to spread the message by every mureed. Kindly go to para (F) of the preamble to the Constitution 11th July 1998 as well.

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