Sunday, May 27, 2018

Diamond Jubilee Goals

Points for discussion and consideration - Meeting between Mr Bolani Chairman AKRSP and Brigadier Hisamullah Beg former VP ICP.
Date and Venue: 24th May 2018, Boardroom TPS Serena Islamabad
In presence: Mr Javed Iqbal Coordinator UNDP for AKDN
1.   Three targets for AKRSP
2.    Issue of a public document in the context of goals assigned at the time of launching.
3.   Diamond Jubilee goals covered by MHI.
4.    Individual Idea Demonstration Projects for study and adoption by Institutions.
5.    Civil Society Learning Material Compiled by AKDN and it's implementation on Priority.
6.   Networking of LSOs.
Action Points:
Issue of operating manuals to all VO/LSO's/WO on the basis of CIVIL SOCIETY LEARNING MATERIAL by AKRSP.
Demonstrate the idea demonstration to be shown to AKRSP on completion.
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